Richard’s Fitness Equipment Review

An upper body exercise used for body building. It’s a fitness training exercise that focuses on developing the  pectoralis major muscle and it’s other supporting muscles. Also, one of the lifts used in the powerlifting sport.

Bench Press

Steppers are excellent machines that helps you in burning calories and exercising the major muscles of the body’s lower half.


Also widely known as Power 90 extreme. A fitness training program that claims to help you improve your physical fitness by undergoing rigorous training  combined with nutrition and a dietary supplement plan in 90 days.


Known for its other names power cage, squat rack and squat cage. A weight training equipment specifically designed to allow a free-weight workout with a use of a barbell without movement restrictions.

 power rack

A type of free weight dumbbells that are used in weight training. It is not just an ordinary dumbbell set but rather a complete fitness equipment that can strengthen your physical body.

 adjustable dumbbells

A great physical fitness equipment which uses air pressure while you pull strings from side to side. This allows you to exercise not only your lower body but your arms as well.

 Air Climber

the equipment used for self-myofascial release technique by physical therapists and athletes which inhibits overactive muscles. Thus it allows soft muscle extensibility and relaxes it.

foam roller
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